A Homeopatia no Brasil

Sobre Endometriose Sintomas e Tratamentos, ENDometriosis, – Homeopatia no Brasil

Sobre Endometriose –

Videos sobre medicina alternativa no Brasil e no mundo, I do not own any of the music. All rights go to Crown the Empire and Sleeping With Sirens* My journey living with endometriosis. It’s a struggle, but there…, Video Genericos sobre saude no brasil.


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7 thoughts on “Sobre Endometriose Sintomas e Tratamentos, ENDometriosis, – Homeopatia no Brasil

  1. Michele Lee

    I suffer from endometriosis for 23 yrs now the first 11 were undignosed I’m
    on pain management I will be on narcotics to control my pain that is now
    daily and I can not have children of my own however even with all this bad
    I’m still hopeful and have an amazing friend who is willing to have a baby
    for me.
    For those female have or think u have this condition please see your dr
    don’t wait even the smallest amount can cause pain and infertility
    @tacky Jacquie I wish u the best of luck and if u need advice I can help or
    even just to talk and I’m 30 years old and have known pain for 23 yrs of
    those 30 

  2. Tacky Jacquie

    @katokatkc Absolutely, it can take a toll mentally. My surgery went really
    well and I’m already starting to feel much better :). Hope all is well with
    you !

  3. katokatkc

    Sometimes it’s more of a mental battle rather than a physical battle. I was
    diagnosed 10 years ago, I feel your pain. Keep strong. It WILL be ok, keep
    spreading the word. If you want any help/advise I would be happy to help.
    Goodluck with your surgery.

  4. KiliaTheLIoness

    Hope your getting relief from treatment. Been going through it for 7 years
    (I’m 18 atm) and no one knows what to do anymore because I’ve tried so many
    treatments which don’t help. :/ To all girls with endo out there Keep
    fighting! 😀

  5. Tacky Jacquie

    @Jamie That’s such a frustrating thing to go through :(. I lost my dream
    job because of how horrible the pain was. The important to know is you’re
    not alone and you know your body better than anyone else, so don’t take no
    for answer. I hope you get your answer soon and start feeling better! *Hugs*

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